The solution for demanding applications

The most fundamental component in the audio signal processing chain is the microphone that converts real world audio to an electrical signal and presents this for application processing – or just pure audio recording.

Breaking with traditions

Traditionally, the approach to increase application performance is to increase the number of microphones and add post-processing capacity. The sensiBel true studio-quality MEMS microphone will enable the most demanding applications to break with this tradition.

Curious if our MEMS microphones can be used to enhance your products?

Super-directivity microphone arrays

Microphone arrays are used in many applications for far-field voice and sound capture and suppression of unwanted noise. Voice user interfaces, sound detection systems and conferencing solutions typically include a microphone array to focus the capture on the person speaking.

The most critical microphone parameters for array configurations are the microphone SNR and sensitivity matching between the individual microphones elements. High SNR translates to improved beam forming, in other words, even better focus on the sound of interest. sensiBel’s high SNR microphone is a key enabler for the next generation improved microphone array solutions.