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Industry expert Anthony Minervini joins sensiBel

We are excited to welcome Anthony Minervini to the sensiBel team to further strengthen the development and scale-up of optical MEMS microphones. Anthony has been in the MEMS industry for 23 years and for the last 8 years he served as the microphone packaging technology architect for the acoustics group at Apple. In the early 2000’s he created the microphone packaging platform at Knowles, which is the basis of all standard microphone packaging in the industry today. He also developed microphone packaging technology at Invensense (TDK)  and managed the integration of the Analog Devices team after the acquisition.

“I look forward to contributing to the very competent sensiBel team in the scale-up and commercialization of high-performance market disruptive optical MEMS microphones” Anthony states, and continues “being part of such an innovative effort bringing the next generation MEMS microphones to the market is an exhilarating opportunity”

Sverre Dale Moen, CEO, says “We are thrilled to have a MEMS microphone industry expert like Anthony on the team.  Anthony’s experience as a MEMS microphone supplier and as a customer of MEMS microphones is a unique combination that further strengthens our mission to bring high-performance MEMS microphones to the market.”