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White paper: How optical technology enables a generation shift in MEMS microphone performance 

We are excited to release sensiBel’s very first white paper. We invite all MEMS microphone enthusiasts and audio industry professionals to explore the paper and join us on the journey to reinvent the microphone!

For over two decades, conventional capacitive MEMS microphones have seen incremental improvements in Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and dynamic range. However, the technology has reached its limits, presenting significant challenges in achieving both a low noise floor and a high clipping point in digital microphones. Piezoelectric MEMS microphone technology promised to surpass capacitive microphones' performance, but to date, has only achieved an SNR of 64 dBA with a limited dynamic range. 

sensiBel has taken a giant leap forward in MEMS microphone innovation and has smashed the limits of SNR and dynamic range of miniature microphones with the SBM100 series optical MEMS microphone. With 80 dBA SNR (14 dBA noise floor), 132 dB dynamic range, 24-bit digital output and with low power consumption, the microphone is the long-awaited solution to electroacoustic challenges in high-performance audio and sound acquisition applications.  

The white paper presents the performance highlights of the SBM100 product series, summarizes the evolution of microphone technology, outlines the operating principle of optical MEMS microphones, and describes the benefits of optical microphones over conventional solutions.