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sensiBel recognised as the most promising company in the MEMS microphone space

audioXpress, the leading global audio development & design magazine, features a comprehensive article in their February issue on the MEMS microphone and voice pickup sensors market:

Included in the summary of “Different MEMS Microphone Technologies” is a description of the sensiBel optical MEMS microphone technology;

“Now ranking at the top as the most promising company in the MEMS microphone space is sensiBel, a Norwegian company with patented optical technology that is says is able to offer 80dB SNR, 140dB AOP, and 10Hz low-frequency roll-off”. “The device uses a top port and offers a variety of data interfaces, including I2S, PDM, and TDM. A very impressive set of specifications, for which many in the audio industry have been hoping, breaking the signal-to-noise barrier that would take MEMS technology closer to conventional condenser capsules”.

After several years of development, the sensiBel team has proven that optical technology delivers the differentiated performance as announced. sensiBel is currently sampling the microphone to lead customers who have also verified the performance of the SBM100 product series. “The sensiBel team appreciate the recognition from audioXpress”, says sensiBel CEO Sverre Dale Moen and continues “we are now focused on production line setup and to deliver on our promise to customers”

Joao Martins, Editor-in-chief, audioXpress adds “current and emerging audio and voice applications require new performance levels for MEMS microphones, matching also the relentless pace of innovation in DSP and AI technology. Optical MEMS technology presents the highest potential to match those requirements, and sensiBel is at the forefront of those efforts”.