The microphone

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True studio-quality

We develop the next generation MEMS microphone. The vast majority of microphones used today are based on the same basic principle as invented more than a 100 years ago. sensiBel is breaking with this principle and introduces optical technology to the microphone.

Say hello to true studio-quality and small size.

Say hello to true studio-quality and small size.

Small size. Extremely capable.

True studio-quality audio in a small MEMS package with optical technology


sensiBel gives you crystal clear recordings

Crystal clear recordings

True studio-quality audio recordings

Super directivity beamforming solutions

Noise-free ANC and ambient mode headphones

sensiBel gives distortion proof in high-noise environments

Distortion proof in high-noise environments

Capture very loud sounds with no clipping

High dynamic range

sensiBel gives you flexible platform solution

Flexible platform solution

Selection of digital interfaces

System cost optimized

Smart configurability

Sensibel gives you the best of two worlds in one package

The best of two worlds in one package

Application designers are typically faced with the choice of using a MEMS microphone with sub-optimal performance or a higher performance Electret Condenser Microphone (ECMs). ECMs are large in size and inherently not suitable for high-volume production.

The choice for emerging and demanding applications is now made easy with the true studio-quality optical MEMS microphone that offers the best of two worlds.

The optical MEMS advantage

The optical technology

sensiBel’s patented optical MEMS technology that makes the microphone so sensitive is based on a combination of two optical phenomena; interference and diffraction, both of which are due to the wave character of light. The microphone uses a tiny energy-efficient laser to measure extremely accurately the displacement of a silicon-based membrane, thanks to the integrated photodetector readout system.

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