The optical MEMS advantage

The improvement of the key microphone parameters for MEMS microphones has today reached a ceiling. A new transducer technology is required to make a significant leap in performance – optical MEMS!

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Ultra-low self-noise readout principle

sensiBel’s patented optical MEMS technology is based on the optical phenomena of interference and diffraction, both of which are due to the wave character of light. In simple terms, the microphone uses a tiny energy-efficient laser in combination with a miniaturised and integrated interferometer to measure extremely accurately the motion of a silicon-based membrane. The entire optical system is in fact smaller than a cubic millimeter! This ultra-low self-noise readout principle gives the high SNR and AOP characteristic, yet in a small MEMS package with low power consumption.

Additional benefits the optical MEMS transducer system are enhanced environmental robustness e.g. against dust, and significantly reduced likelihood for stiction (the membrane stuck to the backplate).

Small size. Extremely capable.

True studio-quality audio in a small MEMS package with optical technology


sensiBel gives you crystal clear recordings

Crystal clear recordings

True studio-quality audio recordings

Super directivity beam-forming solutions

Noise-free ANC and ambient mode headphones

sensiBel gives distortion proof in high-noise environments

Distortion proof in high-noise environments

Capture very loud sounds with no clipping

High dynamic range

sensiBel gives you flexible platform solution

Flexible platform solution

Selection of digital interfaces

System cost optimized

Smart configurability

White paper - How optical technology enables a generational shift in MEMS microphone performance

Conventional capacitive MEMS microphone SNR and dynamic range have been improving incrementally over the last 20 years and are now approaching the limits of the technology. sensiBel has taken a giant leap forward in MEMS microphone innovation and has smashed the limits of SNR and dynamic range of miniature microphones with the sensiBel SBM100 series optical MEMS microphones. With 80 dBA SNR (14 dBA noise floor), 132dB dynamic range, 24-bit digital output and with low power consumption, the microphone is the long-awaited solution to electroacoustic challenges in high-performance audio and sound acquisition applications. The white paper presents the performance highlights of the SBM100 product series, summarizes the evolution of microphone technology, outlines the operating principle of optical MEMS microphones, and describes the benefits of optical microphones over conventional solutions.

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