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White paper: Enabling superior microphone array beamforming using 80 dB SNR MEMS microphones

We are excited to release sensiBel’s second white paper. We invite all MEMS microphone enthusiasts and audio industry professionals to explore the paper and join us on the journey to reinvent the microphone!

Multi-microphone solutions have been increasingly replacing single microphones to improve acoustic performance and end user experience. The overall acoustic performance goal is to achieve a high-quality reproduction of the desired signal (voice, music etc) without any noise (undesired environmental sounds or system noise). By arranging multiple microphones in specifically chosen microphone arrays and using digital processing algorithms, system designers have been able to increase directionality and the system level SNR of the audio capture over single microphone implementations.

Combining the superior microphone array beamforming performance with advanced system processing features allows, among many other other applications, clearer voice calls, superior audio recordings, more productive conference calls and immersive 3D AR/VR audio experiences. The SBM100 series brings this level of performance to MEMS microphones and to beamforming arrays for the first time. 

This white paper describes how the sensiBel SBM100 80 dBA SNR optical MEMS microphone provides significant performance benefits for three main types of microphone array beamforming algorithms (Delay-and-Sum, Differential and MVDR).