True studio-quality recordings

High performance in a small size for all your electronic products.

Bring the true studio quality experience to your mobile phone or laptop!

Quiet environments

Bring the studio quality experience to your mobile phone or laptop!

True studio-quality recording would require external, and often expensive, solutions. Wait no more Рthe sensiBel microphone with true studio-quality performance finally enables product with integrated  high-performance sound capture.

In quiet environments, the self-noise (experienced as hiss) of MEMS microphones can be extremely annoying. The sensiBel microphone lowers the noise to a level where it is practically non-noticeable.

True studio-quality recording in loud environments

Loud environments

Most products used in loud environments (like a rock concert) can not handle the loud sound pressure levels. Especially the bass sounds can easily distort a MEMS microphone. Wind can also make the microphone membrane swing violently which distorts the recording.

sensiBel does not overload before the sound pressure level reaches 140 dB – even 150 dB at the lowest frequencies. That should be plenty to capture your most valued moments on tape.