Block the world out or be immersed in your surroundings

Active Noise Cancellation

Modern headphones are complex electronic systems that use many microphones and advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithms to free you from the noisy environment. High SNR and latency in the range of microseconds are key parameters for this application, with the sensiBel microphone performing excellent at both.

The sensiBel high SNR MEMS microphone offers a variety of operating modes to integrate with complex headphone systems, to optimize for performance, latency and battery life.

Ambient mode

A new feature of headphones is ambient mode (also called transparency mode), i.e. feeding through the surrounding sound to the ears electronically. The user does not need to take off the headphones, but expects to hear the world exactly as it sounds without headphones. To provide complete transparency, the noise level of the microphones must be close to our human hearing threshold. sensiBel’s high SNR microphone takes a giant leap in this direction. Headphone microphones experience large low-frequency sounds up to 150 dB which are easily handled by the sensiBel microphone without distortion to the user experience.